Zian has completed her graduation from renowned university of Muscat. She is an intelligent young woman….

Zian has completed her graduation from renowned university of Muscat. She is an intelligent young woman. At the age of 27 years, she was working as Manager in a Fliar Retail Company located in Muscat, but her dream was to get a job in PICER Multinational Company which is among the top 5 retail companies in Sultanate of Oman. As per the PICER Multinational Company requirement, the candidate should be post-graduate with 3 years of experience and IELTS score of 8 or above. The candidate’s age should not be more than 28 years. Zian was post-graduate and had completed 4 years working with a local retail Company. To apply for her dream job, she only required the IELTS score. In the last two attempts, she couldn’t score the required marks. She decided to quit her job and started preparing for the IELTS exams. She started taking coaching classes to prepare herself for writing test. She put all her efforts to make herself competent to clear the exam, as she will completing 28 years by next month. On the day of the exam she left her home early, driving the car to reach the exam venue before 30 minutes to avoid any kind of risk. The road was almost empty, suddenly a bike crashed on the road in front of her due to high speed. Zian stopped her car and rushed to the accident scene. The man was seriously injured with all blood around his head and was unconscious. Zian looked around for help and tried to stop the cars to take him to the hospital but not a single car stopped to help her. Zian had only 20 minutes left to reach the exam venue for IELTS exams, helping the victims would lose her last chance to apply for her dream job at PICER Multinational Company. Question 1 i. Explain the type of ethical dilemma which Zian is facing. [3 Marks – Answer in 75-100 Words] 3 ii. Zian is facing a dilemma “whether she should help the man or leave the man behind and drive towards exam venue”. What should Zian do in this situation? Justify your answers with valid reasons [4 Marks – Answer in 100-125 Words] iii. Explain the principle that Zian can apply for resolving the ethical dilemma in the current scenario. [3 Marks – Answer in 75-100 Words]