You are the manager for ACA Hotel in the CBD and it is your responsibility to Implement and monitor work health and safety practices in your hotel. You are responsible for noticing hazards or dealing wit

You are the manager for ACA Hotel in the CBD and it is your responsibility to Implement and monitor work health and safety practices in your hotel. You are responsible for noticing hazards or dealing with them and for documenting the hazards you find.
Task 1
By using the link below:
Proceed to website and complete all parts of the hazard identification in the “virtual hotel”. When completed, enter your name on the website and include a copy of the provided certificate with your assignment. This can be a photo taken, attached to submission. Or it could be a print screen dump included in your assignment. Or you could use the snipping tool to copy and paste the resulting certificate in your work. In old school terms, you could even print the certificate and include it with your assignment. 20 Marks
Task 2
Workplace Health and Safety Report.
You are the manager for the Virtual ACA Hotel in the CBD, as completed in Task 1
Using three (3) examples that you found in the virtual hotel you are required to compile a written report (400-600 words) on the variety of these hazards or risks that occur in the virtual hotel. 25 Marks
Your Task is to:
In your report, include the following:
1. Write a summary that outlines at least three (3) issues/observations within the hotel.
These could include hazards or risks to either internal or external customers. These need to be identified and described so that day-to-day effectiveness of WHS practices can be monitored.
2. Describe how you can take action to resolve EACH of the issues/observations, and if you are not the appropriate person (as the manager), and what methods of communication could you use to ensure prompt action to fix/repair the Hazard/Risk.
3. Choose one of the safety issues that you have highlighted and outline how management needs to explain to all personnel, what methods of communication could you use. How would the coordination of this information ensure that consultation with stakeholders arrived in a timely manner?
4. Where would you as the manager source the correct WHS information and ensure that it is made readily available to staff. Outline 4 sources and discuss how this is done
5. Outline the employee’s responsibilities to self, other workers and other people in the workplace
6. A hotel (of the virtual agency size) is required to have a WHS committee in NSW
Outline five responsibilities of the members of the WHS committee, including what documentation that is required to be recorded and maintained.
7. As the consultation with external stakeholders and the WHS committee takes place what formal and informal methods of recording this consultation could be used.
Task 3
Conflict and Workplace Health and Safety.
You are the Manager in the Virtual hotel example, a customer in the bar, approaches and seems to have been drinking and starts to be aggressive towards you. Your feel that there is potential that the customer is going to escalate a small problem. 25 Marks
Your Task is to:
Outline in a short report (200-300 words);
1. What action could you take in this case. (You are required to do a role play of similar situation in Assessment II Task 1)
2. Outline the stages or factors of conflict, relating to the customer’s aggression towards a waiter near other customers. Describe the actions or results you need to obtain.
3. What resources or tools could you legally use in this scenario?
4. If the problem is escalated to have a physical encounter between two customers, how would you deal with this and what parties would need to be notified and who would you need to provide feedback too.
5. As the manager of the bar, the owner has asked you to outline the role and responsibility you have in a similar case and who improvement you could make to ensure that the situation is not escalated.