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For this assignment, you are tasked with choosing some aspect of the the First World War, and in a eight to ten page (approximately) term paper, examine it in detail. This can be about any facet of the First World War – maybe a person, a battle, weaponry, cultural perceptions, portrayal in films, video games, or other media, basically whatever your heart desires. You will need, depending on the topic, to discuss either how it was perceived during the era from a primary source, or how it is remembered in the modern collective memory. This is a broad category, so feel free to get creative – you can do artwork, films, language, music, video games, clothing (think trench and leather coats, which came into fashion during the war), battlefield preservation, commemorations, whatever takes your interest and, with appropriate research, analyze the chosen subject matter to discuss how it describes how the First World War is remembered in the modern historical context.Your papers need to be in Times New Roman 12pt font, 8-10 pages, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins. At the top of the first page, you need only your name, date, and the title of the work – your header should not take up more than ¼ of the page. The paper will need to be well written, with a thesis, argumentative points, and a conclusion. Please cite specific lectures and page numbers when dealing with the books, while using the Turabian format, which the instructor will cover in class.For source material, please find a mixture of primary and secondary material from the OSU Library system. Although you may use webpages, they must be approved by the instructor and must be IN ADDITION TO the sources used from the library. The goal of these sources would be to examine what was going on during the time the work was created, in order to discuss how the work you are examining fits in to the larger cultural context. The idea is to gauge if these are accurate representations, or if there are certain enduring parts of the legacy of the First World War that trump realism. This is a term paper, but the nature of the research will be much more limited in scope.The assignment is relatively open ended, and can be approached many different ways. Feel free to be as creative as possible. There is no strict right or wrong way to do the assignment – feel free to take it in any direction you wish. The only strict criteria is to use a number of primary (sources from the time period) and secondary sources, and cite from them often. Beyond that, I cannot wait to see where you take your paper!