written discussion for college wellness

Following each chapter reading and discussion of course text, students will work independently to complete a brief summary of published research on a topic of their choice based on the selected chapters (Ch. 8 & 17 Physically active lifestyle; Health and wellness through life span). The topic must be related to material covered in the course text.Please complete the following:1) The 250 word typed summary (should integrate 3 to 4 scientific Sources related to the topic. Please include a list of your references at the end of your post; please note this does not count towards your word count neither does your name and topic/class information etc.
This means students must research online to find and use peer reviewed articles/or ebook to support their short summary. The purpose of your post is to summarize what is known about the topic. NOT to summarize the research articles. APA 6th edition writing style should be used to prepare the report.