Write the manuscript in the right hand column, single space, using Times New Roman, 12-point font.

You will write one 15-page sermon manuscript on Philippians1:12–18.
The Sermon Manuscript must be designed as follows:
1. Themanuscript will be on Philippians 1:12–18.
2. Themanuscript will begin with a title page in current Turabian format.
3. Pages2 – 3 will be the Oral Presentation Worksheet.
4. Pages4 – 15 will be the manuscript.
5. TheSermon Manuscript must utilize the supplied template and mirror the suppliedmodel.
6. Thesermon must follow the development of the Oral Presentation Assignment worksheetexactly.
7. Placethe Oral Presentation Assignment categories in the left hand column,including descriptions for illustration and argumentation:
·Illustration: story, personal experience,example, natural analogy (type)·Argumentation: fact, opinion, example, personalexperience, cross-reference, other
8. Writethe manuscript in the right hand column, single space, using Times New Roman,12-point font. The text must be written as it would be spoken. Double-space betweenevery paragraph in the manuscript to identify where the next section begins.
9. Eachsermon division must be clearly explained.
10. Each sermondivision must be clearly illustrated.
11. Each sermondivision must be clearly argued.
12. Each sermondivision must be clearly applied.
13. The sermon mustconcluded with action steps for the audience.
As you move from one sermon division to the next,transition statements must be clear, concise, and reinforce the main idea ofthe sermon. Transitions must also state where the sermon has been and where thesermon is going