Write short essay relating the artwork and social critique.

– Identify a social critique you agreewith– Write short essay relating theartwork and social critique– Submit your Art History Meme ShortEssay to the turnitin.com link in theWeek Fifteen folder.– Present Art History Meme in-classduring Week FifteenRequirements:– 500 – 600 words. short essay ( 5paragraphs, about 2 pages doublespaced) each paragraph needs aminimum of 3 sentences.– Double spaced, times new roman, 12pt. font– 2 cited sources, one needs to be thetextbook and the other is anycredible source. Try to go for the websites that end with .edu or .gov.Such websites usually have unbiased information. For example, if youare writing on any journalism topic, then go for BBC or otherwell-known news websites. Always avoid the least reliable sources, suchas blogs or random articles.– Chicago Manual Style Notes and Bibliography, you may use endnotes orfootnotes style. Avoid quotes and rephrase cited information in yourown words and CITE information that you use.http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html.Meme generator: Link to one of many free meme generators:https://imgflip.com/memegenerator/10430610/SchoolBeware: meme generator sites may have inappropriate or not-safe-for-workcontent. Use at your own discretion. (FYI: You do not need to make anaccount on this site to save the meme image, you can simply copy thefinished image from the website)*****Meme must be appropriate and respectful. NO offensive language orderogatory remarks*****FOLLOW THIS Example:If you do not use a meme generator just post the image and add the memecaption.Caption: “When you said you would go out with your friends tonight butyou’d rather scroll instagram instead”Artwork: John Everett Millais, Ophelia, 1852.Introduction: Briefly summarize your social critique. This might include arecent event, as well as an overview of such an event. It is essential to identifyyour tone and attitude towards this critique in the introduction. Conclude theintro paragraph by introducing the artwork (artist, title, date) that will visuallyrepresent your agenda and how, as your thesis. Thesis topic: what is thesocial critique you are hoping to draw with the artwork and meme and,briefly, what visual aspects/social aspects of the original artwork helprepresent your agenda?Example: Even though social media as an aspect of technology helpshumankind, it has brought many negative impacts that outweigh itsadvantages. Social media platforms are responsible for the varied problemsthat we face in society such as deteriorating relationships with families andhealth problems among others. *Thesis example:* By including John EverettMillais’ painting, Ophelia, from 1852, as a visual aid in this social critique, one isable to equate the emotional absence of the isolated, floating figure to thenegative effects of social media on our everyday lives. (follow this thesismodel to build your own thesis!)Body Paragraph 1: The artwork. Provide the historical context and a visualanalysis. Use and cite textbook to support historical context.Example: John Everett Millais was part of a group of painters called thePre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. This group opposed the contemporary scenesthat the Realists depicted. Instead, the PRB painted fictional, historical andfanciful subjects. They wanted to create art that was free from the ugliness ofthe contemporary world. In this painting, Millais represented the figureOphelia based off of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Shakespeare describes Ophelia asdrowning and so consumed with her own madness that she is completelyunaware of her fate. Ophelia looks like she is absent from the rest of theworld, in an impossibly beautiful environment, and does not have a care inthe world. She is floating alone, with an open mouth and gaze turned towardsthe sky. Her hands and face are uncovered by water while the rest of her bodyappears to be sinking and barely floating at the same time, as if she issuspended in the river water. This scene is flanked by brushy river grasse andwildflowers, some of which she has dragged into the water with her.Body Paragraph 2:Social commentary. What critique are you making? How is it relevant to ourcurrent time? Is there a solution? Use a credible source to support yourstance. Be sure to lead in with a connection to the artwork before you beginyour commentary.Example: The isolation and loneliness in Millais’ work also reflects a currentissue today. Many people, especially the youths, are glued to such socialmedia platforms chatting and sharing information with friends online.However, the young generation does not give much attention to their siblingsand parents, or other family members hence lead to family breakups amongother challenges. Besides, most of the people who engage in social mediaseldom take meals together as the majority find themselves busy on socialmedia platforms. Such behaviors deteriorate family values and morals astechnology continues to bring a variety of activities on social media platforms.Body Paragraph 3:Further connect the artwork with your social critique. How does the artworkhelp you push your agenda? What about the artwork’s historical context,composition, style, figures, content, relate to your platform and your message.Is the artwork itself relevant to the message or are you giving it a modernmeaning?Example: By using the artwork Ophelia, one can connect the expression onher face and the potential agonizing effects of social media on our personalrelationships. Secondly, the availability of social media platforms not onlycauses disorientation in the families but also causes severe problems toindividual users. Many people become addicted to social media to the extentof missing essential activities for body maintenance such as exercise, eatingas well as bathing. While Millais never imagined Ophelia as a poster-child forsocial media impacts, the single body floating in isolation emits a similaremotion we might sometimes feel when we become hostage to the scrolls ofInstagram or Facebook, which is near-suspension from the everyday realworld. As time moves forward in the painting, we can imagine Ophelia will bedrifting down the river, until she is succumbed by nature and that inevitabledrift is widespread in comparison to social media’s impact on our own worldviews, personal relationships, and personal mental health.Conclusion: In this paragraph, you need to show how your ideas from thebody support the statement in the first paragraph. It is not a summary, butthis part will close the question raised in the introduction part. When writingconclusions of social commentary essays, students should restate the thesisstatement in different words and elaborate on the accomplishment of thecomposition.Example: While social media does contribute positively to our lives in terms ofstaying connected with friends and family from around the world or evenmanaging business enterprises, too much possession of such privilegesresults in more harm than good in our society that negatively affects oursocial relationships. In the same fate of Ophelia who was consumed with herown madness she became unaware of what would happen to her, we mayawait a similar social fate. Even though social media has become essential toour lives and current world, if we do not acknowledge its negative impact onour physical social life we may lose sight of the mental and physical healthbenefits of being out in the world instead of being alone, interacting with ourscreens.Followed by CMS Citation Bibliography and Endnotes. (may use footnotesif you like instead of Endnotes)https://www.bibliography.com/chicago/using-endnotes-and-a-bibliography/https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/chicago_manual_17th_edition/cmos_formatting_and_style_guide/chicago_manual_of_style_17th_edition.html