Write reflection on the Ethics of Authenticity.

Write reflection on the Ethics of Authenticity. https://uniteyouthdublin.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/the_ethics_of_authenticity-copy.pdf
Identify and take into account the most useful ones out of the following arguments:– Eden said capitalism is always correlated with individualism (this can be debated)– Social Media doesn’t have context it is a false perception of things, there is no dialogue. In other words, superficial. “Fattery is a false sense of what is good”- Gorgias, Plato. (you can debate this with the authors perspective).-In regards to maximun efficiency, Jane said that we are different versions of ourselves depending the enviroment or the context. By this she meant, that we are losing our authentic self in being efficient. “We become phony because we are never ourselves.”-Rosseau-Eden said why is it we have to choose a side, why do we have to label and identify. This is why actually threatens authencity.