Write an essay on “A New Sense of Direction” by Martin Luther King, Jr. from Spring 1968 (published posthumously in 1972).

Write an essay on “A New Sense of Direction” by Martin Luther King, Jr. from Spring 1968 (published posthumously in 1972). The speech/article is King’s last assessment of the Civil Rights Movement before he’s assassinated in April 1968. You should consider how King describes the development of the movement and the challenges it faced in the late-1960s. I would like you to pay particularly close attention to how he describes the frustration of young people and weighs the collective frustration of a generation alongside his own.In your essay I would like you to discuss and reflect on how King articulates the challenges of Civil Rights activism. How does the speech help you better understand the history and evolution of the movement as well as the social and political turmoil that American faced in 1968? You may also contemplate what lessons King offers for our current moment and the on-going African American freedom movement in 2020. As always, you should engage deeply with each primary source document and reflect on its author’s point of view.
FormattingYour Primary Source Essay should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. You do not need to use any outside sources, and doing so is strongly discouraged. You must cite your sources in your papers, especially all quoted materials. Please follow MLA or Chicago Style formatting.


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