Write about a situation that you felt you handled well.

Write about a situation that you felt you handled well. What did you do? Providejustification and reasoning for your actions. This commentary should include reference torelevant course content or research.Below is an example of what I am looking for. instead of using bipolar, you can depression
During the week, I encountered a patient with bipolar disorder. This was a 16-year old AfricanAmerican male who was brought to the facility exhibiting several symptoms of bipolar disorder.The first major symptom, as narrated by the patent’s parents was lack of concentration which hadcaused a significant decline in his school performance. The patient also had a short temper,which, according to his parents, was negatively affecting his relationship with friends and family.Moreover, the patient exhibited other signs of bipolar disorder, including insomnia, impulsiveand risky behaviours, and some depressive episodes. For these reasons, it was important to putthe patient under the right treatment and medications to alleviate his condition and return himback to his normal happy life.Diagnosis is one of the important things that I believe I performed well in this particular case. Asstated by Mayo Clinic (2019), ‘it may be more challenging for a doctor to diagnose bipolardisorder in teens than in adults, and this process may take some time.” Given that there aren’tblood tests or brain scans that could be used in confirming bipolar disorder, I began by firstasking the patient ad his parents about the medical history before progressing to asking him todescribe his feelings and moods. From his medical history, it was established that bipolar runs inthe patient’s family with two of his siblings and cousins suffering the same. Research hasestablished that individuals with relatives in the nuclear family with bipolar disorder are usuallyat a higher risk of for the same. The next step of my diagnoses was mental health evaluation, and it involved asking the patient todescribe his moods, feelings and emotions. This included questions such as: how the bipolarsymptoms had occurred, how they have disrupted his life, his treatment goals, among others.In order to be exact with my diagnosis, I employed the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ofMental Disorders (DSM) to obtain a technical as well as a detailed description of bipolardisorder. The reason why I believe I performed well in the diagnosis is that I followed all theestablished guidelines for diagnosing bipolar disorder, including mental health evaluation andDSM criteria.The second thing that I believe I performed well is treatment. While there is no known cure forbipolar disorder, research has developed new strategies for patients to manage their symptomsthrough a combination of medications, therapy as well as lifestyle changes. For this particularpatient, prescribed Aripiprazole (Abilify, Abilify Discmelt) (2 mg once daily can be increased to5 mg. This is an atypical antipsychotic medication that has been approved for the treatment of anumber of disorders, including bipolar disorder (Medscape 2019). In order to increase theeffectiveness of the treatment, I coupled the medications with cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT). According to America Psychological Association (2019) “psychotherapy is moreeffective than medications, and that adding medications does not significantly improve outcomesfrom psychotherapy alone.” Also, I prescribed day treatment programs to help provide thepatient with support and counselling as part of the strategies to manage bipolar disorder