Write a two-page APA formatted paper, illustrating (compose detailed examples of) the three elements that could be included in a project charter.

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Writing Prompt
The term Project Charter refers to a statement of objectives in a project. This statement also:

Sets out detailed project goals, roles, and responsibilities.
Identifies the main stakeholders.
Sets the level of authority of a project manager.

Your examples should relate to a single project and should be as realistic as possible. Then describe why each of the three elements is valuable to the project charter.
Assignment Rubric
Please carefully review the rubric below before you begin so that you are keenly aware of the expectations for this assignment

?Chapter Summary
This chapter presents an overview of project management concepts. This chapter will help students to become familiar with the following concepts: definition of a project and its attributes, key constraints within which a project must be managed, life cycle of a project, elements of the project management process and benefits of project management.
The initiating phase of the project life cycle starts with recognizing a need, problem, or opportunity for which a project or projects are identified to address the need. Projects are identified in various ways:

During an organization’s strategic planning.
As part of its normal business operations.
In response to unexpected events.
The result of a group of individuals deciding to organize a project to address a particular need.

A set of criteria should be developed, against which the opportunity will be evaluated. For example:

Alignment with company goals
Increase in market share
Establishment of new markets
Technology development required
Return on investment
Human resources impact
Public reaction
Competitors’ reaction
Expected time frame
Regulatory approval

Once a project is selected, it is formally authorized using a document referred to as a project charter, sometimes called a project authorization or project initiation document. This document serves a number of purposes:

Provides sponsor approval to go forward with the project.
Commits the funding for the project.
Summarizes the key conditions and parameters for the project.
Establishes the framework for developing a detailed baseline plan for performing the project.

A Request For Proposal (RFP) helps the organization decide which contractor to use. The purpose of preparing an RFP is to state, comprehensively and in detail, what is required, from the customer’s point of view, to address the identified need.
A good RFP allows contractors or a project team to understand what the customer expects so that they can prepare a thorough proposal that will satisfy the customer’s requirements at a realistic price.
In many situations, a formal RFP might not be prepared; the need is instead communicated informally, sometimes orally, rather than in writing. This is often the case when the project will be implemented by a firm’s internal staff rather than by an external contractor.?

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