Write a summary on The Founding and Early History of the Houston-Galveston Area Council.

Write a summary on The Founding and Early History of the Houston-Galveston Area Council.
Develop the topic into a well-organized essay, following theguidelines below. Correct spelling and grammar will be considered duringgrading. Part of your grade will depend upon including the four required blockquotes. If you do not include the 4 required block quotes to support yourposition, your paper will lose one letter grade.
Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Three pages isthe minimum, but you may go a page or two beyond that, if needed. Students will generally compose the essayinside their word processor and then COPY and PASTE (using CONTROL V) the textinto the space provided below. Note that the deadline for this paper is severaldays prior to the Final Exam. Latepapers or papers not submitted in the proper area will lose one letter grade(10 points).
Finally, do not use material from any source other than TheFounding and Early History of the Houston-Galveston Area Council. DO NOT copymaterial from another source and paste it into this essay response box,representing it as your own work. Doing this will result in a grade of 0, andit is not difficult for instructors to detect.
Section 1: (From Chapter 1) Trace the development of thereform impulse within the federal government during the John Kennedy and LyndonJohnson administrations. In other words,how did the federal government come to be more interested in helping localgovernments solve their problems? Giveexamples from both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.
Section 2: (From Chapter 2) Explain the historical roots asto why the state of Texas traditionally choose not to get overly involved inthe problems facing local governments. Whywas Texas also reluctant to accepthelp from the federal government? Whatwere some of the forces that brought about a change in these attitudes?
Section 3: (From Chapters 3–8) Discuss two importantprojects that H-GAC implemented for the region or discuss two situations withinits service region that H-GAC helped to improve (or one of each).
Section 4: (From Chapter 8) Analyze how the FinancialController (Bill Prince) and his co-conspirators managed to embezzle ormisspend nearly $2 million from H-GAC in the 1980’s.
All sections are equally weighted.
Include at least four direct, multi-sentence block quotesfrom The Founding and Early History of the Houston-Galveston Area Council tosupport your position. Use one blockquotation per section.
Please note that the greater part of this assignment will beyour own analysis, in your own words.The quotations from the book can provide detail and “flavor”to your essay, but they are not intended to make up the majority of youranswer.
Be sure to put your citation for these quotations inparentheses and in all caps. For example, your citation might look likethis: “The most persuasive argumentin favor of forming a regional council was the federal government’s requirementfor sub-state review and comment.”(PATTERSON, p. 26)