Write a research paper on the Future of College Education

Write a research paper on the Future of College EducationAs the pandemic seems to be decreasing in threat, colleges and their students are now left with a
decision about how education should be carried out in the future. Some want to see an
immediate return to in-person classes. Some want to continue with online education. Some
want a hybrid and/or hyflex options.
For this essay, assume that the pandemic continues to decline and future waves of COVID are
not an issue (wishful thinking, I know).
Write an essay that argues whether colleges should primarily return to in-person classes,
continue with online classes, or experiment with hybrid and/or hyflex classes. Assume that
colleges may offer all three formats of classes, but argue what one format the majority of their
classes should adopt. Your argument should aim at what is best for students in general, not just
yourself. Your argument should center on a series of body paragraphs that each focus on one
strength or advantage of the format you are supporting. You should have a counterargument
paragraph that presents and responds to an argument about the major weaknesses of your chosen
format. Personal experience may help you form your ideas, but personal experience should not
be used in the essay. Instead, find good sources to provide ideas, examples, evidence, data, etc.