Write a Research Paper on “Is a child’s development helped or harmed by digitized technologies? Explain”.

The topic for the Research paper is “Is a child’s development helped or harmed by digitized technologies? Explain”.
This paper is worth 50% and is 5,000 words in length. Given the weight of this assignment and its size, I would like to ensure that the expectations are clear.Please feel welcome to using using the below as a ‘check-list’ of sorts that ensure you have everything you need to be successful in this assignment.APA: Your essay is to be formatted in the APA citation style.Photos and Illustrations: are acceptable within reason. Keep in mind that any photos/illustrations used should not be easily translatable in text. That means that you should only use photos/illustrations when it is not possible to explain the message in text.Thesis: Your thesis statement is the key to your paper. A clear thesis statement ensures success in all aspects. 1-2 sentences stating clearly what you’re arguing is critical here.Spelling and Grammar: There is no excuse, given computer programs, to misspell. Grammar programs tend to pick up many faults as well. Just do not make mistakes!Formal Writing: Contractions and first and second person should not be used in formal writing. Please consult the APA website for clarification on this.Rubric: Please ensure that you consult the rubric to make sure that all aspects being marked are addressed in your paper.Below is a sample structure for your paper including both mandatory components and ones to simply help guide your process.1) Title Page2) Abstract3) Introduction (staring broad and ending with your thesis at the end)4) Planning section (1-2 paragraphs outlining how you intend to relay your material)5) Body (don’t forget sub-headings!)6) Conclusion (starting with your thesis statement and ending broadly; this can be 1-2 paragraphs for a paper this size)


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