Write a research paper on COVID and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

You will be able to answer one question based on your lectures and content from theGiddens et al. text. Answer the following question with a well-organized essay, approximately twoand a half to three pages in length. In making your points, make sure you make references to specificsituations from either the text or our lectures. This assignment is due on Wednesday, December 1st,via submission on Canvas in the form of a Word Document. In formulating your answer, you may useoutside sources but PLEASE CITE THEM AT THE END.
BELOW IS THE QUESTION YOU WILL ANSWER FOR THIS PAPER1. The COVID-19 pandemic hit Philadelphia in March 2020 and affected every majorinstitution in the city; the city workforce, the city educational system, the city businessstructure, religious life and family/community life in our many neighborhoods. Beforethe pandemic, Philadelphia was already known for being one of the largest cities in theUnited States with high poverty and all of the problems stemming from poverty. Thepandemic, therefore, would only magnify the problems that preexisted. Select two areasof concern from those listed above and explain how they are related to the prolongedCOVID-19 disaster. After describing the relationship of those two areas of concern to thepandemic, please specify if the affected institutions are beginning to make a comeback.