Write a reflection essay using MLA style that examines your writing over the course of the semester.

Write a reflection essay using MLA style that examines your writing over the course of the semester. Reflect on some of the followingquestions: How has your writing improved? What do you still need to work on toimprove your writing? How has your writing process changed? You need to providespecific details. You should have a clear thesis and topic sentences. Proofreadclosely.Areflective essay is a form of writing that examines and observes the progressof the writer’s individual experience. While reflective essays explain andanalyze the development of the writer, they also discuss future goals.Reflective essays critically analyze your development as a student. This shouldinclude a discussion of the strengths you have developed as a writer as well asyour weaknesses. Closely related to these weaknesses, writers could alsodiscuss how they plan to improve in the future. When writing a reflectiveessay, it is important to use descriptive language. In doing so, your readerwill understand that you are familiar with the subject matter and that you havethought critically about your development as a student. Reflective essays arebased upon your own experiences, so it is expected that you write aboutyourself, your ideas, and your opinions. As a result, it is completelyacceptable to use first person pronouns such as “I” or “me” in these essays.IntroductionIntroductionsto reflective essays do not need to be longer than one paragraph in length.When writing an introduction, present the purpose of your reflection withoutgiving your reader too much detail about the body of your paper. In theintroduction, it is also helpful to tell your reader if you met your goals orthe goals of the class. Later, in the body of the reflection, you can explainhow these goals were or were not met in greater detail. Think of theintroduction as a brief preview to the rest of your reflection.BodyThebody should discuss in detail your development as a student. For instance, howdid you grow over the course of the class? What have you learned? Can you applywhat you have learned to your future academic or life pursuits? How did you ordid you not meet your goals or the goals of the class? This is slightlydifferent from what you should discuss in your introduction. Do not just tellthe reader whether or not you met these goals. Rather, show the reader by usingillustrations from your writing. Are there any skills you can improve on?If so, how do you plan on doing so in the future?
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