Write a paper on pros and cons of Covid 19 vaccination.

COVID-19 VaccinesThere is a huge debate about having your children or yourself vaccinated. I have provided 5 videos and 3 articles for you to investigate the topic yourself. I have also given you a video on how to use the CDC Datatracker and a link to the data tracker.Here is what you are to do:1. log on to the CDC Data Tracker and lookup COVID information for Arkansas Jefferson Co. Collect the data.2. Then look up the data for one of the following (also Arkansas Jefferson Co)a. Pediatric Datab. Pregnancy Datac. Health Care Settingd. Multisystem inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)You can print out your datasheet and graph from the website.3. Read the “Overview of the Vaccine Debate”4. You will then write a 3 paragraph argument againstgetting the COVID vaccine.5. Also, write a 3 paragraph argument for getting the COVID vaccine.Remember to cite your resources/references in APA style (see resources on APA in the resources section of your course page).