Write a paper discussion the Medea, gender roles/differences

Write a paper discussion the Medea, gender roles/differencesThe goal of this assignment is to craft an original, argumentative analysis of a maximum of two texts from our course, comparing them on the basis of a shared topic or idea. The texts you select do not need to treat your chosen topic in the same way. In fact, it is sometimes more interesting when two texts differ with regard to a single idea. If you would like to write on one text instead of two, you may do so, as long as you are able to sustain an argumentative analysis for 7 pages. I will expect to see the following in your essay:A clear focus on a specific idea, theme, or motif, paying close attention to the author’s use of figurative language.Argumentative thesis statement. A good thesis statement explains not only what an essay is about but also how and why it is important. [See this step-by-step guide for reverse engineering your thesis if you are having trouble getting started]Evidence in the form of quotations.In-depth analysis. Each of your paragraphs should engage closely with the details of the text.Finally, this final paper should include two peer-reviewed electronic sources as evidence of outside research. ( I have provided two sources, you don’t have to do any outside research.