Write a paper Compression-based Machine Learning in computer science (English UK or English US)

Write a paper Compression-based Machine Learning in computer science (English UK or English US)PhD Researchproposal Title: “Compression-based Machine Learning”General Field of Study: Computer ScienceQuality: HighQuality ProposalLevel of thestudent: PhD Degree ProgrammeDurationof the study (Time Scale) : 3 Years of pure Research (the time table should cover a time table of 3 years)
Total words about1825 (plus) words excluding references
Expert: Familiarwith machine Learning and writing challenging Proposal
The aim: Theproposal should strengthen the student application to get PhD-admissions to good ranking universities
upto date related References: [about 15 ]
+++++++++++++++++To the Writer +++++++++++++++++Please make use of the following Research question
Synopsis:Research Question: Can effective new machine learningalgorithms be developed using compression-based techniques?Related ResearchQuestion: Can effective novel compression-basedmethods be developed for existing machine learning algorithms thatsignificantly improve their performance?___Objectives:1.Produce a state-of-the-art literature review of the area of machinelearning with a focus on the use of compression-based methods.2.Develop new text compression-based machine learning algorithms.3.Develop new compression-based techniques for improving existing machinelearning algorithms.4.Compare the performance of the new methods by comparing with existingstate-of-the-art machine learning methods.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Instructions
Writing PhD Research ProposalTotal about 1825 words excluding referencesPhD Proposal FormThe proposal will bereviewed by members of academic staff. Assessors wish to gain a clearunderstanding of your proposed research topic and existing knowledge. We willalso consider the suitability of the project in relation to supervisoryexpertise and capacity within the relevant School. We recognise that yourresearch questions and methods may change when you begin your research.1. Working Title “Compression-Based Machine Learning”
2. AbstractThis is a short summary of the proposal. It should state theresearch problem, its context, and its significance.(Suggested word count: 150-200 words)3. Research QuestionsYou should identify the research questions which you will beseeking to answer and explain why they are significant. What is the rationaleof your proposed study, and what will be its original contribution toknowledge?(Suggested word count: 250)4. Summary(Suggested word count: 500)5. Literature ReviewYou should refer to the key articles and books in theproposed area of research, showing on the one hand how they will support yourresearch, but also demonstrating that there is a need for your research.(Suggested word count: 500 )6. Methodology Statement-**(Suggested word count: 500)7. TimescaleYou should sketch what you hope to achieve in each year ofyour research – three years for a full-time(suggested word count: 300)8. EthicsDo you foresee any ethical issues with your research?(suggested word count: 150)9. References(minimum 500 words)1 to 9 steps instructions are given in the pdf format too+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-**Guidance for Methodology SectionMost PHD research programme may involve researchproposal. Your methodology may include some of the following elements.Please note, you do not have to include them all –
Methodological framework;Approach to organising and analysing data;Sampling;Ethical considerations;Strengths and limitations of the design.Potential challenges and ways to overcome them.