Write a near miss accident investigation report.

Watch the short film, “Covered”. – https://iad.cdn.nv.instructuremedia.com/originals/o-24ApZmWsAoyi9siSMzAkZn7s7eHk2TUS/transcodings/t-26TN1qtgTK5aftBBeDnbAQQcUZR8R5x9.mp4?&Expires=1651560653&Signature=dwsWfvL3IYa1rP1YXwCO7FDygoNkSlZ7uyq-2cDBjp6qwNtfVqURuNrCnX6wxaq1HY095Xm9GLrLcTSYAW2GZ9SCv8bO4t5jpx1-o2MrSisRDv0wXIgEtp4Zt~BVmS6xRG~O7cZAMFdw3L0Nh-mRyFl2nI4GLkK-TaNM4jxiTAOmqCgPayGZuqeXFeYOQgFDvDVCd~QZmM-gs0IPIqhMBRyqz5OyTx8Z405dy6M-tBdnpQcW07bNFivsXPKUKYSTJJPUYWiUj858TvMsO5MV8tF1ecYkC2-RI4KoOf3S7EXsl83qLEj23Jtv-iONjGBDJta2Xw3a1ExwJ0xLJbmHfQ__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJLP4NHW7VFATZNDQ
Write a near miss accident investigation report. You may use an industry template or create your own. Pause the video and use a screen capture to document your findings using pictures. The report should be in-depth and detailed for a significant percentage of your grade. In other words, it should reflect and encompass all the parts taught during the course including Worker Compensation, 10 hour OSHA regulations, OSHA.gov publications, OSHA compliance and regulations, Accident Prevention, BIM and scheduling, etc…. As you watch the video, note and cite OSHA regulations that were violated or disregarded. You should utilize the Kiewit SSSP from Module 5 for Company policy citations. As part of the investigation, include recommendations including training, disciplinary actions and commendations.