Write a narrative essay in which you tell your reader about a conflict that you were in with another person.

Write a narrative essay in which you tell your reader about a conflict that you were in with another person.
You must be in a conflict with another person, not with yourself.
The conflict can be verbal, physical, or a silent power struggle. There does not need to be a loud or harsh altercation. A conflict arises when one person wants something from someone else, but the second person does not want to provide or accommodate the first person.
This can be manifested in many ways. For instance, perhaps your mother wanted you to do the dishes, but you did not want to do so. This creates a conflict. Or perhaps you were responsible for getting your younger sibling ready for a doctor’s visit, but he/she did not want to go. A conflict could arise. Conflicts can happen between friends, at work, with family members, or with strangers.
The conflict cannot be with an animal. It must be with a person.
Do not write about everything that led to the conflict. Provide some information about this, but focus on the conflict. Think of action and reaction.
You did something and then the other person did (or said) something. This then cause you to respond in some way. As you think through the back and forth, you will create your narrative.
You may have had a verbal conflict. If so, you should include dialogue in your narrative essay. Please remember that dialogue is. formatted in a particular way in MLA style.
Please remember that your paper will be:
Three full pagesSpecific structure (chronological order, en medias res, or flashback)MLA formatFirst-person perspectiveFree of grammatical, punctuation, spelling errors


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