Write a journal discussing risk and return as it relates to investing in stocks.

OverviewRisk and return gotogether. You must understand this relationship to make informed financialdecisions. This applies when you make personal investment decisions or whenyou’re investingexcess cash for a business. In this journal assignment, youwill explore the risk-return relationshipwhen investing in stocks in both ofthese roles.DirectionsWrite a journaldiscussing risk and return as it relates to investing in stocks.Specifically, youmust address the following rubric criteria:Investment Risk: Explain keyrisks associated with investing in stocks.InvestmentReturn:Discuss events that can cause the price of a stock to increase ordecrease.Risk-ReturnRelationship:Explain the relationship between risk and return and how thisrelationshipaffects stock-investment decisions. Use examples to support your claims.Reflection: Describe howyou would make stock-investment decisions in your personal life. Also talkabout how your decision-making process might change if you needed to makestock-investment decisions for a business.Whatto SubmitYour submissionshould be a 4- to 5-paragraph Word document with 12-point Times New Romanfont,double spacing, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APAstyle.