Write a half-page reflection that will present your personal opinion about the subject which is treated in the chapter.

Reading report 1 is based on chapter 1 (Introduction: Why Morality Matters) and chapter 2 (How to Think About Morality) of the textbook Moral Choices, an Introduction to Ethics 4th Edition by Scott Rae.
The following are the guidelines for writing the reading report. If two chapters are assigned for the particular week, the following steps must be done for each assigned chapter.
Write a half-page summary in your own words. For example, What is the main topic/subject of the chapter? What appeared to you as most important and relevant in the chapter?
– Write a half-page reflection that will present your personal opinion about the subject which is treated in the chapter. For example, Didyou enjoy reading the chapter, and why? What did you like most about it? Is there something that you did not like, and why? Is something that you read in the chapter familiar to your culture, faith, personal experience? Is there something that you learned from the chapter that can be used in everyday life?– The whole report should be 1 page long maximum (1/2 page summary + 1/2 page reflection) per assigned chapter. Since there are two assigned chapters, it means that the weekly reading report will consist of two pages.
Link of the textbook :https://b-ok.cc/book/5274081/0905d6


Discuss about the Impacts of popular culture on promoting human rights (black lives matter).

Write a research paper on the affect technology has on social skills.

Write an essay on why you would like to attend the University of South Alabama.

Discuss the steps you would take to maintain or increase retention rates for new career entrants, experienced employees, and soon-to-be retired employees.

What was the one thing that you found very interesting and would share with others?

What do you think could be the best solution to resolve this problem?

Write at least THREE paragraphs, using physics terms to explain how the concept of distance(position), velocity, and acceleration applies to football AND also applies to TWO other real-life situations.

Compare and contrast your chosen theory with another theory from your textbook with relationship to the views of person, environment, health and nursing.

Write a research paper on Mental Health in Covid-era.

Explain how technologies have impacted this industry since the Covid-19 pandemic, redefined our concepts of software and computing, fueled data-driven decision-making, and raised privacy and security concerns.