Write a final report that synthesizes your research.

Write a final report that synthesizes your research. This is not a simple juxtaposition or “copy&paste” of all papers
that you have produced so far (topic paper, description paper, explanation paper, and analysis
paper). Rather, your final paper should be fully developed, coherent, clear, and organizationally
effective. Your paper will be 22-25 pages in length, type-written (12-point font), double-spaced,
and stapled. At this point, your paper must be in a larger format, in introduction, body, and
conclusion. Here are some key components:
Introduction: Identify your research topic. Highlight how and why your research is important
(rationale) for you and others (imagine and explain your intended/potential audiences). Make
sure that you develop a thesis statement (or research question) that captures your key
argument/idea (in your best clarity) on the specific point/case you will develop and prove,
followed by a listing of the main points (preview).

Body: Describe, Explain, and Analyze. This section advances the main discussions of your

Conclusion: Provide a short summary of your major findings make sure that you relate how
you made the case put forth in your topic statement (or answer your research question). Also,
discuss how what you found relates to what others have said; for example, you may highlight
how your findings contribute to (1) our understanding and appreciation of the subject, or (2)
to rhetorical theory (how your study shed light on how the theory you used works does it
extend the theory or modify it in some way?). In short, provide an evaluation of your
research what it was that you did (not) that adds to the (existing) conversation about your
topic (empirically, theoretically, etc.) both inside and outside of the discipline.

Some of the suggestions on the format with this final paper that my professor provided (but also follow the official instructions I provided below):
1, Introduction
2, Literature Review
3, How do you plan to feel the gap: Method + Theory. Explanation rhetoric aspects in the topic research
4, I feel the gap: Analysis part + after…
5, Complete picture.

Please contact me if you are confused about something. Again, the sources should be valid, extracted from rhetorical journals, com journals, literature review, peer review, rhetorical textbooks. I would like you to have sources from my college’s database too so let me know if you want my username and passwords.


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