Write a COVID-19 testing site and you need to develop a project.

Write a COVID-19 testing site and you need to develop a project.


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Discussion 2: Contemplating Your Future

Research Design Research design refers to the specific type of study that you will conduct. Research design is normally consistent with one’s philosophical worldview and the methodological approach the researcher chooses. In this case, you are using a quantitative methodology.

Develop the article” Citizen: An American Lyric” by Claudia Rankine into a 3-4 paragraph (7-12 sentences per paragraph) paper showing a directed, original, critical argument using one of the readings on the syllabus as your basis for argumentation. Include a work cited page. Show how to organize each paragraph as part of the overall organization of paper including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Sustain your argument from beginning to end.

In a brief, succinct, but complete manner, respond to each of the following questions. In each case, you must base your response on specific passages from the text of the play and reference those passages in your answer. Your responses may, of necessity, be based upon your interpretation, which is fine (good, even!), but should nonetheless be rooted in evidence from the scriipt to which you can point. Your responses should also be considered in the context of and address the play’s “main action” or “super-objective.” The written responses need not be lengthy. Work on your own paper. Be sure your responses are typed or word processed.

Describe the social institution(s) involved in your chosen social issue and how they are involved in the issue.

Research a minimum of five reliable resources (Wikipedia is not a reliable resource). Three resources must be from the library database (i.e. journal articles, books). Two resources may be from credible internet sites.

Selecting the right person for an open position requires an analysis of all of the aspects of an applicant, including his or her past experience (knowledge, skills, and education), his or her application and resume, and the interview responses.As a human resources recruiter, discuss with the hiring managers the importance of selecting the best candidates in your industry for the positions listed below. Be sure to consider matching the needs and culture of the organization. Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 4 slides (with 200-250 words of speaker notes per slide) plus title and reference slides that addresses the following:Provide a recommendation for the set of steps to be used in the recruitment process of a customer service representative for a streaming TV provider.What members of the organization will be involved in the recruitment process and what are their roles in the process?Discuss 3 types of interviews and give examples of each type. Which type will you use when interviewing the customer service representative?Develop a 4 interview questions that you would ask the customer service representative in the interview. Provide a mixture of questions and describe why you believe each type of question is important.

Heat, Light and Sound in Construction

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