Write a comparison between water purification systems.

Write a comparison between water purification systems.

The main topic is a comparison between water purification systems for a residential villa

Please select brands has distributors in UAE country

Please add 4 brands products in the comparison

Provide a detailed comparison of these products as a table in terms of the below:

1- Durability of the System
2- Life cycle of the Filter Cartridge and the whole system
3- Quality of Filtered Water
4- Filtration Rate
5- Removal of Contamination & What materials can it removes
6- Filter Cartridge layers & components
7- Ease in maintenance & Operating Costs
8- Effect of each system on existing water pressure

The rest of the points below as paragraphs:

I want to know which of them better in for removing heavy metals & removing chlorine & which of them has UV features to remove bacteria

also which of systems is more durable and has a longer life cycle (based on customers experience), and how long each of them last (approximately)

Finally a detailed conclusion for the recommended brand

Other Notes:

Note to take info only from( website/ reviews/ experiences/) from UAE country

No references needed in this paper

Please let the writer specify how many pages are needed for this order?


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