Write a case analysis on a case study called Amazon and Google lead way on virtual assistant dealmaking at CES

Write a case analysis on a case study called Amazon and Google lead way on virtual assistant dealmaking at CES (its uploaded in the attachments, its only 3 pages long).

Below are all the requirements and instructions:

Guideline on Case Analysis

A case study is a collection of facts and data based on a real or hypothetical business situation. The goal of a case study is to sharpen the student’s analytical skills with regard to understanding and solving business problems, using logical frameworks and marketing strategy tools. There will be two written case analysis in this class. Each case analysis is worth 10 points.

In all case studies, you must analyze what is presented and state which specific actions that best resolve the major issue(s). These actions must reflect your thoughtful assessment of the information in the case and the environment facing the firm. Please note that no outside research or outside information must be brought into the case. You must use only information in the case and draw on your course materials to solve whatever problem(s) is (are) in the case. A good way to analyze a case is to determine what the overarching issue(s) in the case is (are). You may use the questions at the end of a case to assist you in getting an insight into the case, but please realize that simply answering the questions is NOT sufficient; as matter of fact you should NOT do that. Ignoring this advice will earn you a failing grade on your case analysis. Because you are explicitly barred from using outside resources, NO in-text citation or references must be used.

A good case analysis must contain the following four sections:

1. A brief introduction – no more than a sentence or two.

2. A statement of the issue(s) or the problem(s) that must be solved. A sentence or two will


3. Analysis (this is where most of your writing must occur), and

4. recommendation (no more than two sentences).

****Please note that your case analysis should be double-spaced with standard 12-point

font size with 1” margins and no more than 2 pages. No cover page!

Grading Criteria for Cases

 The student followed all the instructions and the analysis contains all the relevant parts – 1


 Correctly identified the appropriate issues or the overarching issue – 3 points

 Written in the appropriate language with no spelling or grammatical mistakes – 1 point

 A thorough and accurate analyses which addressed all the relevant issues were done – 4


 The appropriate recommendation was made – 1 poin