Write a brief history about The Coca Cola Company.

Write a brief history about The Coca Cola Company. Then, elaborate on what type of human relationship structure the organization promotes. What type of customer does the organizational structure target from products or services? What communication strategies are being used? Are they effective? Explain what can be done for improvements in their strategies. Then, explain how they select their teams in order to be successful. What are their methods to develop managerial decisions? Where does the organization rate within the current industry? Summarize your views on organizational performance based on human capital. Explain your recommendations for improvements of the organization’s practices. Is the organization operating in an ethical manner?
The assignment must be 6 pages in length. You must use 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Three or more references must be listed in APA Format on a page at the conclusion of the assignment.


Discuss the effects of natural resource development on the terrestrial biodiversity of Canadian boreal forests Environmental Reviews 22: 457–490.

Explain how you think the different dreams of civil rights, as exemplified by these three authors, panned out?

Discuss and focus on a specific, current, and controversial issue related to the course theme of “our Digital World”.

Discuss the objectification and cruel treatment of black women by the white community.

Does use of Facebook CAUSE serious mental health problems in a significant number of adolescents?

Discuss the use of evidence to determine guilt or innocence (including the guilty plea system, Plea Bargaining, and Victims’ Rights Laws).

Write a research paper on the effects of addiction and sports gambling, it can start off by talking about the new phenomenon of sports gambling and how it is taking America by stor.

Explain and evaluate the performance of Chong Hing Bank HK and conduct a comprehensive research on this bank by referring to the annual reports, news, reports provided by other financial institutions, analysis based on the CAMELS ratings.

Discuss the government should legalize it for recreational purposes.

Would you relate rewards to the demands of the job or the relative performance of the individuals doing the job?