TEXTBOOKTitle: Loose Leaf Version of Experiencing the World’s ReligionsISBN-13: 9780078119217ISBN-10: 0078119219author: Michael MolloyEdition: 7Publisher: McGraw-Hill EducationAdoption: Required
Choose a question from the list below. Posts are expected to be well-written; writing quality and competency is an assessment area in this course. Posts must be substantive in addressing the chosen question, and of appropriate length for a major discussion activity: approximately 300 words for the main discussion post, and at least 150 words for the responsive posts. Students may post as many times as you like, but for grading purposes, the required number of posts must adhere to these standards.Posts must interact with the Textbook. In addressing the chosen question, you must utilize the Textbook within your answer. You must quote from the Textbook directly and properly cite it. If you quote from the Lecture in Canvas, you must also cite it properly. In your two (2) required responses, you must also quote directly from the Textbook and interact with your peer in a manner that show critical thinking skills.Post responses to classmates or to the Professor in two different threads, for credit. I cannot unlock classmates posts until initial post.