Working with adolescents in educational contexts






When working with adolescents in educational contexts, it is important to understand the physical, socio-emotional, and psychological changes they experience, so as to effectively meet their needs and help them to focus their attention on their academics. For instance, a young adolescent girl, who experiences peer harassment at school, due to her quickly developing body, might have lower self-esteem, a disliking for school, and low academic motivation. As an educator, you will have to address what is happening with the young woman, in order to focus her attention on her studies. Ignoring her issues will not increase her academic motivation. Therefore, as educators, it is crucial to understand what occurs during the adolescent stage in order to better assist students in their studies. For this assignment, you will

(a) identify 2-3 issues that adolescents might experience during puberty (e.g., peer pressure to engage in risky behavior)

(b) describe how these issues might impact adolescents:

● Physical health

● Psychological adjustment (mental health)

● Academic achievement

You will also (c ) describe how you, as an educator, will effectively address these changes to promote students’ healthy development and school functioning.

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