wk 6 Performance and Compensation

Week 6 Discussion 1:

Performance and Compensation

This week, our focus will be on performance and compensation. This process can only be successful if managers and employees work together to set performance plans for the future. This week’s objective is to create a performance evaluation plan for the workplace. Have a great week!
Upon successful completion of this week’s lesson, you should be prepared to:
• Create a performance evaluation plan for the workplace

Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

• W6 Lecture – Performance (See attachment)
• Employment Performance – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-ILd9w2vng
• Understanding Compensation Management – YouTube

Mello, J. (2015). Strategic Human Resources Management (4th edition). South-Western, Cengage Learning ISBN: 9781285426792
Performance and Compensation
Write 3-4 page paper discussing the following:
• Explaining the benefits of employee involvement in performance evaluations and feedback.
• How performance measures are tied to compensation?
• 3 – 4 references Do not use Wikipedia.
• APA citing
• No plagiarism
• All sources used must be cited both within the text and in a references section at the end of the lecture (use APA conventions for citing)

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