Willy Brandt and Ostpolitik

Hello,first of all thank you so much for helping me with this assigment. So, I need to write a final paper with approx. 3000 words and at least two primary sources have to be used.Here are some points that you should include:* a couple of sentences about Willy Brandt – as the governing mayor of West Berlin, leader of SDP and vice-chancellor of Germany* relations between FRG and Eastern Europe (incl. GDR) before W. Brandt became chancellor* definition of Ostpolitik, Ostpolitik according to Brandt (Neue Ostpolitik, new eastern policy)* agreements that were signed with Eastern European countries while Brandt was in charge – Moscow Treaty* Wasrsaw Treaty (please mention his visit to Warsaw and Kniefall von Warschau)* Four Powers Agreement* Prague Agreement (please, pay special attetion to this one, it can be more detailed than the other ones)* Willy Brandt winning Nobel Peace Prize in 1971* please, mention the figure of Egon Bahr, his role and importance during this period!!* you can also include his popularity in domestic policy (not necessary)* finally, his legacy and legacy of new eastern policy
Sources* as the primary sources, you can use the text of agreements I mentioned earlier, they are all available online, you can also use memoirs; use a couple of quotes in the text*as the secondary sources, feel free to use acadamic papers, chapters of books (not just the ones I sent you) – but please, they all should be available online and in English/German + write down the links