Why states have different educational standards.

There have been many changes in the educational system throughout the years. Somechanges to our educational system have been for the better and others raisequestions and eyebrows. I would like to focus on how it has changed in the lastcentury. The pros and cons of our system and its benefits. Has the technologyactually helped our future leaders, or has it deprived them of being sociallyintegrated. Understanding the reasons why common courses have not beenintegrated. Why states have different educational standards. Understanding whythe main goal is so far from actually benefiting students for the future ofthis country. Understanding the lack of integrity from our government toupbring our educational system. Researching into this topic would give a clearerview on where the educational system stands. What the citizens can do to make achange, and how steps can be taken to make it better throughout all of ourcountry.