Why is medical marijuana should be legalized

What are 3 strengths you will address?
What are 3 weaknesses you will address? If you are fitting pro or con, you must address and do your best to disprove the opposite side but for now, we can refrain from including this

Any legislature currently worth mentioning?
For introduction: What is marijuana and I want to include the widely use of marijuana has change since what event. What state is the first state to legalized the use and what make the government legalized the used of marijuana
Second paragraph: how does it affect the body and the CNS
Third paragraph: advantages of marijuana and what does it target to improve the medical health
Fourth paragraph: the disadvantages the use of marijuana. In what form cause the most damage to the body. How does it affect people daily performance.
Fifth paragraph: Conclusion. Support or against it.
It’s APA 7 citation. And mention the legislature in the essay

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