Which of the previous options should receive your endorsement for funding?

Address only the following questions in your discussion. Failure to fully follow these instructions will result in a loss of points.
1) Which of the previous options should receive your endorsement for funding? Why?
2) What factors have shaped your answers? Discussions are a different type of writing assignment and should be succinctly written.
Topic: You have been elected to the state legislature. (Congratulations! The majority trusts your ideas.) Since being elected, the public has been clamoring that you “do something” about crime. Statistics indicate that the amount of crime in your state has been steady – no dramatic increases and no dramatic decreases either. You will soon have to decide how to allocate state funds for criminal justice. You have the following options to for spending 10 million dollars.1) Contribute this funding towards opening a new prison that has the capacity to hold 190 convicted persons.2) Allocate funds to local police departments to purchase equipment and to create an inter-agency task force whose primary task will be the enforcement of drug laws and immigration status.3) Fund early education (preschool) programs to low-income families who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Over time, children who participate in these programs are 40% less likely to be arrested for violent crime by the time they are 18 and are 80% less likely to become chronic offenders in adulthood.4) Hire additional judges, public defenders and prosecuting attorneys so cases can proceed more quickly through the court system.5) Fund the placement and monitoring of security cameras on city streets where they are place.6) Allocate funds to the state crime labs so that DNA evidence may be processed more rapidly to aid in identifying offenders in unsolved cases. Currently, there are not sufficient resources to process all DNA evidence, which has resulted in a considerable backlog of cases. One study estimates that up to 550,000 unsolved crimes nationwide could be solved with additional resources were available.7) Use the funds to create a Positive Futures sports program based on similar programs in England. The program, designed for at-risk youth aged to 10-16, provides a variety of sporting opportunities while also promoting education, leadership, and mentoring. Research from England suggests that the program is effective in reducing crime.State funds are limited, so you can only select one of these options. It would not be feasible to “mix and match” by combining options, as doing so would minimize the overall effectiveness and return on investment. You may consult Preventing Crime – What Works, What Doesn’t, What’s Promising.pdf Download Preventing Crime – What Works, What Doesn’t, What’s Promising.pdf(see pages 6 – 12) to help inform your decision.