What would your management style look like?

Discussion Purpose:To discuss perceptual problems and processes by discussing management styles.Discussion Topic:The Katzenbach Center reported findings of a survey conducted that employees spoke of the disparity within the company’s executive cultural leaders and employees where they wanted more collaboration, innovation, and agile NOW in order for the company to survive. what is your take on the survey findings and how would you handle these employees? What would your management style look like?Grading CriteriaInitial post should be a minimum of 50 wordsPlease reply to at least 1 peer postPlease make sure to cite any resources using APA guidelines


Explain the process used by local communities (counties or cities) in determining which of these threats pose the greatest risks to their respective communities, and how these communities prioritize their resources in attempting to prevent or mitigate these threats.

Did you get assigned to the type of decision maker to which you thought you would be classified?

Write a paragraph for each category thoroughly defining the areas you chose.

Discuss the pros and cons of using social media in sports.

Discuss various ethnocentric practices historically used by those in power that have contributed to prejudicial attitudes towards racial and minority groups.

What thoughts and feelings came up for you while reviewing the materials?

Explain who bares more guilt, Citizen or Caesar, for the death of another man in August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean?

Describe how this information impacts your personal managerial style.

Write a brief statement that expresses how you work within an environment that welcomes and serves individuals of diverse race, gender, ethnicity, culture, age, sexual orientation, religion, political viewpoint, military background, national origin, familial status, or disability.

Research and discuss the causes of cardiovascular disease and its relationship to diet and exercise.