What would you suppose is the current social/cultural climate around bullying?

For this module, you have 3 topic options for your discussion post. You are only required to post about 1 of the 3 options. Please make sure that at least 1 of your 2+ comments is posted on a topic other than the one you chose for your initial post. (For example: If you choose to post about bullying, make sure you post at least 1 comment on a post about technology) Your participation in these discussion boards will be evaluated using the rubric provided in the discussion forum within Canvas.Considering the readings, activities and additional resources, please reflect upon your own middle childhood (age 6-12) and discuss the following:
Option 2* – Address the following questions about school and bullying:Why is this an important issue to address when studying child development?What would you suppose is the current social/cultural climate around bullying?Since this is one of many contexts that interact to influence development, how might bullying affect a child’s life in other areas?Example: If a family is financially struggling, a child might also struggle in his/her schooling because of lack of necessary resources (food, study space, materials, etc)