What Would You Do?

A cybersecurity crisis is something that no CIO, CISO, or CEO (or anyone else for that matter) wants to hear. Unfortunately, it is likely at some point in time all organizations will have to go through one. Even private citizens have cybersecurity crises when their information is stolen. For this assignment, you’ll need to decide what your role is in the organization and respond to the below scenario. You will first need to pick your position in the organization — anything you want from the CEO, CIO, Network Administrator, etc. Then use your knowledge of what the roles and responsibilities are of that position, write about what you would do if faced with the scenario below.The scenario is below:
The company you are with is flourishing, Sales are up over 15% for the past quarter and you are extremely happy. Your stock is up quite a bit and the company is taking on more contracts each and every day. Everything is running smoothly and life is good…Then one day, you receive a call from a member of your security team and they are witnessing some strange behavior on the network. They say it looks like there is some suspicious activity on the network. Something about unauthorized ports being accessed and unusual traffic flowing back and forth. You quickly make a few phone calls to see what is going on … your worst fear. Consumer data is being stolen from the file server…you realize this consumer data includes credit card numbers and other personal information that is a treasure trove for the criminal. After some crafty digital forensics, truth comes out that roughly 150,000 customers have had their information stolen thus far. You panic since you know that your company may have upwards of 500 million records of consumer data. From whatever position you chose to play for this discussion board – you need to write about “What do you do?”
Respond using a memo and include:1) After reading the scenario, write about what your next 4-5 steps will be to effectively manage this crisis.2) Introduction & Conclusion3) Bulleted list format for the 4 – 5 steps4) If you use external resources, ensure you include an APA-style reference page.