what ways is this a good or bad experience?

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Provide full mechanism of the reaction of the Thymolphthalein prep.
Generate at least three questions for this lab with answers to these questions. The article may help you generate these questions.
One paragraph analysis of your impressions of this as an organic laboratory exercise. Is this a good or bad experience in your mind? What do you find of specific value in doing this type of exercise? In what ways is this a good or bad experience? Is it preferable to your standard laboratory experience? (Note that my group changed the work up procedure instead of the one in the JCE Thymolphth Supplemental PDF, it is written in the work section of the Lab Report 3 CHM-252 PDF).
Answer the following questions:1) Should the students be given the mechanism for this reaction or should that be something that they should be required to do as part of this exercise (or as one of the questions)2) Should millimole amounts be provided and the student has to figure out how much mass to add? Should the masses be given directly?3) Is the prep of a pH indicator better than just a typical dye such as fluorescein? Do you think measuring the pH range of the color change is informative since it relates some chemistry done in general chemistry?4) Is the measurement of the color change as a function of pH important? Should it be confirmed that the pH transition is the same for authentic dye and that synthesized? How accurately does the pH transition point need to be measured?