What Types of Skin Cancer are directly Related To The Exposure Of 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks?

What Types of Skin Cancer are directly Related To The Exposure Of 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks? What Measures Can Primary Care Providers Take To Screen, Treat, and Educate Adult Patients That Were Directly Exposed To Ground Zero?
I was unable to fit the entire title in the above topic. This paper is a research proposal. The professor has very specific guidelines. I will send work that I have done so far that need to be put together using the information that I am sending you. It needs to be in APA 7 format. I will need a power point presentation to go along with this paper that will require a minimum of 5 slides. The topic as stated is a QI but she stated that it seems more to be a quantitative quasi-experimental design to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between an independent and dependent variable. Though there is no true experiment that is taking place, the goal is to try to prove a correlation between the exposure of the World Trade Center and skin cancer. A statistical t-test will be used to compare the means of the two groups. A power analysis may be utilized to show the probability that it will result in statistical significance which is the desired outcome.
This class is for advanced nurses doing a research proposal. I will request that you improve the literature review part as well as any other articles you find helpful. I will send an attachment with articles as well. I have used multiple articles with the world trade center registry as well as NIH an.d CDC,
Cancer incidence in world trade center rescue and recovery workers, 2001-2008.
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PMID: 23613120 Free PMC article
Association between World Trade Center exposure and excess cancer risk.
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PMID: 23288447



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