What threats and vulnerabilities were found during the mission?

GROUP MISSION REPORT: OPERATION BOLD HERMITThe Need to Inform the Organization’s LeadersWhen a cyber-attack occurs and is mitigated, the leaders of an organization need to be informed of what happened and the outcomes of the actions taken to protect the organization’s digital information.
OverviewThis is the group mission report assignment. You will submit a narrated mission report presentation for senior-level leadership. For example, a report to the Chief Information Security Officer or the Chief Information Officer. You will submit your group mission report individually for this assignment. However, you need to work with your group to determine the following information, which should be reflected in your group mission report for this week:What threats and vulnerabilities were found during the mission?What gaps were found in the infrastructure presented in the mission?What did your team do to mitigate the identified threats and vulnerabilities found in the mission?What recommendations does your team have to prevent similar attacks and threats in the future?You will also include the following information in your group mission report for this week:Your description of how the mission and objectives were completed by your team.Your description of how well your team collaborated to plan for and complete the mission.Complete the following steps to complete the individual mission report for this assignment.Create a mission report using Microsoft PowerPointAdd narrations to your presentation.