What surprised you about the mental mapping exercise?

PART 1 — Mental Map Creation: 10%Using a poster board, and coloured pencils or markers, create a mental map of the Lake Nipissing region (Canada, Ontario). You can include roads, highways, neighbourhoods, waterbodies, points of interest, and whatever reminds of you Lake Nipissing and region, including North Bay. There is no right or wrong way of creating your mental map. You can be as creative as possible if you want, including adding images, photographs, and other materials. Please include a legend as part of your map. A legend helps the viewer to interpret your map. You can illustrate your movements across the region or just in North Bay such as areas for shopping, cycling, walking, working out, our campus, signage, heritage plaques, etc…PART 2: Written Description of the Mental Map (due 31 January 2022): 10%Word length: 2-3 pages single-spaced, Times Roman font with image(s) of your map.The purpose of the mental map write-up is to reflect on how you know the Lake Nipissing region, and on the process of creating a mental map. Using the different layers outlined in the exercise, describe your mental map.How do you know the Lake Nipissing region? Do you know the region from direct experiences, websites, stories, research, books, etc…?· How did your ideas change of Lake Nipissing region as you worked on the map?· How did your perceptions of Lake Nipissing region change or stay the same in comparison to others?· What surprised you about the mental mapping exercise?· How did the creation of the mental map make you reflect on the idea of “place”?