What role does debt and social location play in the novel?

What role does debt and social location play in the novel? How is this portrayed in the film? Do you think that the film clearly displays these ideas, and why or why not?Is Haymitch a good mentor? How do you know? How does the film portray him in comparison to the book? Be specific.How does Katniss tie to her family affect her performance in the arena? Does the film clearly depict these ideas? Explain and use examples.What are Katniss’ greatest strengths and weaknesses? How does the film portrayal differ from that of the book?In the novel we see events solely from Katniss’ point of view, but in the film, we share the perspective of the television audience. How does this change our experience of the story? Does it make us somehow complacent, like the people in the Capitol who celebrate and enjoy the violence?‘Why do we have a winner? Hope. It’s the only thing stronger than fear.’ – President Snow (Donald Sutherland) How do those in power use the Games to control the population, and why is it important that one tribute survives? Are we too easily satisfied by the kinds of ‘hope’ offered to us in the media and by our culture?What messages and warnings does The Hunger Games have for our society in general, and for you personally?What are the problems in the society in the film and the book that inhibit a flourishing of the common good? Do you see these problems in any contemporary societies? What type of social movement do you see forming in the story? How could this translate to the future of Panem? Use examples from both the book and the film
These are the questions that need to be answered.