What role do science teachers have in equipping and preparing students to be scientifically literate?

The teaching of science is a complex process thatmust adapt to the needs and interests of children. Around the world there isdeclining interest among older students with engaging in science, and what isconsidered to be a lack of scientific literacy. Within your essay you are toconsider the prompt given and construct a response to the question below:What role do scienceteachers have in equipping and preparing students to be scientificallyliterate?In your essay you will:·analyse pedagogical approaches in the teaching and learning of science,including the teaching of science as part of STEM·discuss the role of science teachers in empowering students to engagewith science, including the use of authentic real-world science issues·present and analyse suitable assessment strategies·support your discussions with relevant readings from the learningmaterials and your own wider research