What perspective on gender development does your challenge take?

This week, we’ve been learning about biological and social factors related to gender development. For this week’s discussion, you’ll be exploring these ideas in more depth within the context of challenges to the gender binary and using the Critical Reading Questions that you read about in Module 1’s reading, How to read articles for PSY385 (Links to an external site.).Part 1: Due FridayHyde and colleagues proposed five challenges to the gender binary in The Future of Sex and Gender in Psychology (Links to an external site.) (2019) that touch upon biological and social factors. The document, Explore More: Five Challenges to the Gender Binary (Links to an external site.), includes two empirical articles related to each of the five challenges.
Choose one of the empirical articles to read. Use the Critical Reading Questions to support your reading.
Then, create a post in which you include the following information:
The challenge that you chose (e.g., The Challenge from Behavioral Neuroendocrinology)The citation for the article you read (you can copy/paste from the google doc)Summarize the key takeaways/arguments from your article. There should be at least two.What perspective on gender development does your challenge take? Nature, nurture, or some combination? How do you know?Identify the argument(s) you found the most compelling. Why do you find this/these argument(s) compelling? What evidence is being used to support the argument?Identify the argument(s) that you felt would benefit from some additional support. What additional information would you need to find the argument(s) more compelling?