What observations can be made about your relationship to screens?

using the specifics of your journal, craft a 3 – 4 page reflection on
your interactions with the screens around you.

First, answer the following question:
How much time did you actually spend engaging with screens in total? How does
your diary data compare to your usage estimates from Step 1? Why?
Then, referencing specific information from your journal, tell me a story about
your relationship to screens. Make sure you have a strong opening, a compelling
middle, and satisfying conclusion.
Think about these guiding questions as you craft
your story: What observations can be made about your relationship to screens? What
one or two interactions do you find most interesting and why? How does the course
material we have discussed so far help you to understand your daily interactions?
What did you learn from this exercise? What surprised you most about your
interactions with screens? What lingering questions do you have about your
interactions with screens? In short, what do your observations suggest about your
personal screen usage in relation to contemporary screen cultures?


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  • What observations can be made about your relationship to screens?
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