What objects/people seem to hold the most significance?

Level 2 Analysis (delving more deeply into the obvious): TYPE THE RESPONSES

List the objects and people you see in the cartoon/comic:

What objects/people seem to hold the most significance?

Note which of the objects you listed above are symbols or symbolic:

How do you know these objects/people are the most significant (placement, color, distortion, balance, etc.)?

Describe what you think the symbols mean:

If words/captions appear, what kind of style do they convey (formal/informal/playful/serious/angry/etc.)?

Identify and describe emotions the artist is trying to stir in his/her viewer:

Describe the significance of words/captions to the overall message the artist is conveying (if applicable):

What adjectives come to mind when you, personally, view the image?

What color choices (or absence of color) seem significant about the cartoon/comic?

What historical/social/political context comes to mind when viewing the image?

What other observations have you made but not already noted:

Level 3 Analysis (putting observations into analytical ideas): TYPE RESPONSES IN SENTENCE FORM

Explain the message the artist is trying to convey in the cartoon/comic:

Explain how the artist’s use of visual imagery clarifies, reinforces, supports that message:

Based on the artist’s message and use of visual imagery, define his/her intended audience:

Identify what special interest group or social group would disagree with the artist’s message and why (what would their counterargument be?):

Explain from whose point of view the message is coming and how that message would differ if it were coming from a different point of view:

What do you think is motivating this artist and/or to what catalyst is this artist responding?

What do you find most significant about the artist’s choices in presenting the argument in the way he/she has presented it?