What it takes to be a poet is no matter what you have going around you and I can be family or friends you have to put your work first.

Respond to classmate’s commentary in no less than 100 words.The commentary is listed below.1. My overall interpretation of this poem was the author was just to understand his feelings and put them into words but was forgetting the most important aspects of his life along the way. In Stanza 2 line 11 it states how the poet is sitting down at the typewriter trying to put down words but can’t help to think of their family.2. Right after line 38 the author states that life is very precious so thats what poets in there loneliness are trying to communicate through poetry. The insistent message was not all poets are happy mentally and because of that is what makes the poems so powerful and full of energy.3. The punctuation and capitalization on the poem’s meeting is very significant because the first letter of each word of each line is lowercase and the poet put quotation marks around words that were most important and we’re trying to get across the most. In lines 20,23,25 there were quotation marks in each one outlining the message the poet was trying to get across about how they were feeling inside. In all 3 lines there was stated “love me”, “accept me”, “I am”.4. What it takes to be a poet is no matter what you have going around you and I can be family or friends you have to put your work first. Starting in line 6 the author states, ” we poets tend to think, our words are golden, through emotions speak to, loudly to be defined, by silence” This described how this poet is thinking when trying to tell how the work is done behind the scenes of the public.5. Giovanni’s depicted poetry to a “fawn” in this because he wants to describe this as something graceful and gentle. This is a comparison between the two as both poetry and fawns are graceful and can be peaceful. He also goes on to say poetry can be something so peaceful to the human eye and it can take a turn to be very dark.


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