What is the most important thing you learned in the podcast?

Twice during the semester you will be required to listen to an episode from a podcast and write a one page essay. See the syllabus for due dates. Your essay should be 1 page, 350-500 words and should address the following:1) What is the most important thing you learned in the podcast?2) Why is it important?3) How does it fit into the historical period?Given the short word count, you are not expected to include an introduction or conclusion. You should jump right into the body of your essay and quickly address the questions in the short amount of space that you have.You are welcome to use our textbook and the podcast episode. No other sources are necessary or allowed. You should cite the podcast and the textbook (if you use it). For information on citing podcasts appropriately, click here (Links to an external site.) (for Chicago) or here (Links to an external site.) (for MLA). You should use parenthetical citations along with a works cited page.Please make yourself aware of the course policies on scholastic dishonesty and late work as outlined in the syllabus.Approved Podcast List:For your podcast summaries, you may choose any episode of the following podcasts that is relevant to American History up until 1877. If you find an episode of another podcast that you would prefer to use (and fits this time/geographic requirement), you must ask me for approval. In all cases, make sure that you can adequately address the three questions above for the podcast episode you have selected.(click on the link below [where available] or browse using your favorite podcast app)10 American Presidents (Links to an external site.)The Bowery Boys: New York City History (Links to an external site.)The History Chicks (Links to an external site.)In the Past Lane: The Podcast About History and Why it Matters (Links to an external site.)Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast (Links to an external site.)Revisionist History