What is the Mobile Device?

Students will submit a formal report and do a class presentation as part of a small team, subjecting an actual mobile device to security assessment (Vulnerability analysis/Penetration testing). The report shall include the creation of a hypothetical scenario of a security incident involving the said mobile device, as well as, a detailed description of the security assessment, tools used, procedure, and findings, evidenced with the necessary screenshots and ensure all screenshots have the necessary verifiable names.

Students should organize themselves into teams and assign a team leader. Each member should actively participate and contribute to the team effort.

Team leader should submit the names of the team members by uploading to moodle on schedule.


The report should address the following issues, which should be submitted/uploaded to moodle on or before the due date.

Provide a comprehensive description or explanation of the following:

What is the mobile device?

What security vulnerabilities were identified in the mobile device? What are the threats to the security vulnerabilities identified?

How can these security vulnerabilities be exploited? How can the security vulnerabilities be secured?

Grading for the Group Report shall be based on the following:

Quality of report:

Debt of analysis Problem definition Solution strategy Others

Presentation delivery:

Quality of presentation materials (PPT) Quality of actual/video presentation