What is the blogger’s main interpretation of the text (quote the blog)?

The actual class is Intro to Rhetoric and Popular Culture. I am including the exact instructions for the assignment from the professor. Just a couple of things to note… 1. The instructions say that the website lists all number 1 songs from 1958 until now, however, after checking it out it appears that the list actually only goes until 1993, so I just wanted to point that out to eliminate any confusion 2. I attached a word document with some useful terms and concepts that relate to the course and assignment for your reference 3. Please keep in mind that the term “text” in this case has a slightly different meaning than just words on a page. One of the questions asks what the “text” in the blog is so please refer to the word document for further clarification. 4. Please feel free to pick any song/blog you want from the list on the website, there are a lot of different options so any one will do. Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions. Here are the instructions:
Reaction Paper for Stereogum’s “The Number One’s” Blog: Writers at the website, Stereogum, are offering analysis of all Billboard Number One songs from the beginning of the countdown (in 1958) through today. Your task for this assignment is to profile one blog entry. Check out See Stereogum Blog “Number Ones” Example, Mickey: https://www.stereogum.com/2088588/the-number-ones-toni-basils-mickey/franchises/columns/the-number-ones/ (Links to an external site.)
Find one that you like, and write a 1-page reaction paper to the blog. First, identify which Number One song entry you’re discussing, then answer the following questions: What is the “text” in this example, and how does the blogger show you what the text is? What is the “context” in this example, and what evidence does the blogger provide for context? What is the blogger’s main interpretation of the text (quote the blog)? What do you learn about the “Number One” that you didn’t know before? Finally, address: What do you learn about the process of pop culture analysis from reading this blog entry?